Below you can find exercises on engagement strategies for building trust. These include PowerPoints, discussion prompts, class exercises, and recommended readings. These can be used as is or easily adapted to your specific course and pedagogical style.

Engagement Strategy Presentations

Below you can find handouts with discussion prompts, class exercises, assignments, and recommended readings about engagement strategies that range from the obvious to the extreme in terms of ways to build trust with different kinds of communities.

**It is essential to note that this is merely a toolkit to draw inspiration from. Not doing any of these does not necessarily mean you are not “engaging” the public. It is helpful to understand the practice of engagement as a continuum, as people at the Agora Journalism Center have described. We only hope that you will find workable ideas to customize for your organization, according to your resources.

Engagement Strategies Handouts, Exercises, Assignments, and More

  • Citizens Agenda Handout – this helpful handout is “a guide for generating more responsive, inclusive & useful news coverage for voters” written by Jennifer Brandel, Joy Mayer, Jay Rosen, Bridget Thoreson, and Ariel Zirulnick. We use this as the basis for some of the class exercises below.
  • Engagement Strategies Handout – this handout includes a range of engagement strategies, from basic to advanced.
  • Basic Engagement Strategies Module – discussion Prompts, Class Exercises, Readings, Project Ideas for Basic Engagement Practices.