A couple of us journalism professors (one a former reporter now at the University of Wisconsin-Madison –Sue Robinson— and the other at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — Deen Freelon) are working with Knight Foundation to study where civil political discourse is being practiced in online spaces (Facebook and Twitter specifically) and how it is being done.
The Knight Foundation is interested in how journalists are contributing to the national conversation around our most significant political and social issues, and we are looking for journalists who are very active in Facebook and Twitter encouraging dialogue.  We are also interested in people’s thoughts on the changing roles of journalists and changing relationships with citizens.
Outcomes will include: reports to Knight and the industry with recommendations, at least one book and probably a few academic journal articles and trade-press pieces. Here are the details:
  • 60-minute interview (though we will take whatever time you can give to us) on the phone
  • Anonymous or named, you can choose
  • Ability to see questions ahead of time if you desire
  • Ability to see your comments before they are published
  • $20 gift card to Amazon (we know how small this is, and wish it could be more)
  • Sharing of findings, once study is complete
  • Being part of the solution; helping other journalists
Journalists can be in any medium or any geography. National preferred but if someone is doing excellent social work more locally, we would be interested in talking to them as well.
If you are interested in participating in this study, please email Sue at robinson4@wisc.edu. Thank you!