Journalists & Trust in U.S. Communities:

Building Bridges in a Polarized,

Multicultural, Digital World

This project explores the idea that different kinds of reporters perform journalism in different manners based on their backgrounds, race, gender, politics, etc.  Furthermore, this project explores how journalists can manipulate digital technologies such as social-media platforms to rebuild trusting relationships, boost civic engagement, and reinvigorate the American citizenry through information exchange. I use perceptions of racial disparities, economic gaps, and political polarization as access points and an ethical lens to analyze these power-driven relationships. This will be a multi-phased, multi-method inquiry at the meso-micro level of the relationships involving public-content production via deep case-study research, textual analysis, a national survey of and interviews with reporters and citizens, the development of a new model for trust building, and then the testing of that model.

If you are a journalist interested in participating in this project, please contact me at robinson4 AT gmail DOT com. I will be interviewing journalists in 2019-2020 and conducting focus groups at the Online News Association annual conference in New Orleans in September 2019. Every participant receives an Amazon gift card. Here are more details:

    • 30-minute survey for a $20 Amazon gift card
    • 60-minute interview (though we will take whatever time you can give to us) on the phone for a $25 Amazon gift card (if you do both, we give $50)
    • Anonymous 
    • Ability to see questions ahead of time
    • Sharing of findings, once study is complete
    • Being part of the solution; helping other journalists and to combat the attacks on the profession

For more information about me, please check out my bio here. I am a former journalist. I am working with two graduate students named Megan Zahay and Carlos Davalos (who is also a journalist from Mexico City). *We can do the interviews in Spanish as well if that is your preferred language.