Sue Robinson has had or is currently in working relationships with the following community-focused nonprofits in volunteering or other kinds of service capacities: Wisconsin Morgridge Center for Public Service, Goodman Center, Lussier Community Center, Simpson Street Free Press, Centro Hispanic, Freedom Inc.

Guides for Journalists: Working with the Kettering Foundation, Sue Robinson has developed a white paper for journalists interested in better covering communities with typically marginalized people.

Guides for School Districts: Working with the Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN), Sue Robinson has developed a white paper for school superintendents, school information officers, school board members and other administrators interested in facilitating better dialogues about K-12 racial achievement disparities and other issues of race.

Guides for Communities: For those active citizens who are interested in engaging with fellow community members of color, Sue Robinson created a one-page tip sheet of where to start their own racial journey.

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SJMC Doctoral Candidate Meredith Metzler and Sue Robinson followed up at the community center in Madison, WI, that participated in some research for Networked News, Racial Divides. They distributed the findings and relayed what had been done with the information people had shared during focus groups the year before.